22 WordPress Checklist: Make Your Blog More Perfect

Hi, Today I am going to discuss most essential settings you need to do after installing or create a new blog. Yes, many newbie bloggers after creating a blog they are bot configure their blog correctly. But If you not set up your blog correctly, then it is may me hurt your blog for many reasons. So I will share a checklist which you must follow.

22 WordPress Checklist You Must Follow Before Launched New Website Or Blog

1) Delete Default Post: Delete default post “Hello World” created by WordPress.

2) Delete Default Page: Delete sample page which you find under pages option.

3) Create Category: Create a new Category and rename Uncategorized to your niche category.

4) Create About Page: Create about page and write abut you and about your website.

5) Create Menu: Create menu new menu, you can find menu option under the Appearance option.

6) Add Social Profile: Add your social profile on the right sidebar and footer area.

7) Add Share Option: Add share button for the user to user can easily share your website on facebook, google+, twitter.

8) Add Email Subscription Option: Add email subscription option to building the mailing list. 

9) 404 Not Found: Make sure your theme have 404 Not found the page.

10) Create A Sitemap: Make sure you have sitemap otherwise create a sitemap. Sitemap help to web crawler crawls your site deeply.

11) Create Robots.txt: Create a robots.txt file and upload them.

12) Installed Google Analytic: Installed Google analytic plugin to get the visitor report or another way is add tracking code on header.php.

13) Disable Directory Browsing: Disable directory browsing to make your website more secure.

14) Permalink: Change default post permalink structure to SEO friendly URL.

15) Media Settings: Change to media settings to 0*0 for preventing create more images in the upload directory.

16) Change DB Prefix name: Change default table prefix WP_ to another table prefix which you preferred.

17) Update Blog Title: Update blog title just another WordPress site to your niche title.

18) Change Default Username Admin: Most of the blogger use the username admin. But I recommended changing the username admin to another.

19) Set Timezone: Set your timezone based on your current location.

20) Sucuri Plugin: You must have this plugin. This plugin is free to use. It will help you to make your blog more secure.

21) Limit Lockdown: Limit Lockdown plugins is the best plugin to prevent unauthorized login from the same IP.

22) Yoast SEO Plugin: WordPress is not an SEO friendly. So we need to make our blog SEO friendly to drive traffic and rank top on Google. Yoast SEO will help you to make your blog or website SEO friendly.

This 22 checklist you must follow, I will update this checklist in future.

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